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    Recruitment of Foreign Teachers by Hainan Normal University


    Several foreign teachers, foreign language teachers (mainly engaged in English and Japanese, priority to native speakers) and foreign professional teacher (category of basic education and arts etc.)Workplaces: Guilinyang Branch Campus and South Longkun Campus of Hainan Normal University

     Employment conditions: 

    1.Qualifications: below 60 years old, with the education background of bachelor’s degree and above;

    2.Workload: 16 periods of class per week at least;

    3.Healthy and qualified in physical examinations;

    4.Priority to these candidates with similar working experiences, language certificates and professional qualifications. 

     Compensations and welfares 

    The employment contract will be universally signed with Hainan Normal University and high compensation will be paid according to relating national policies and the development of local economy. 

    Method of application

    The candidates shall provide the following documents and send the electronic edition to hainan1949@126.com 

    1. Scanning copy of diploma and official certificate of degree;

    2. Two recommendation letters at least;

    3. Scanning copy of the first page of passport;

    4. Application Form of Foreign Candidate (see details in the document download);

    5. Statement of Non-criminal Record (effective with in six months);

    6. Statement of foreign physical examinations;

    7. For candidates having worked in China, a recommendation letter by the former employer unit;

    Deadline: for recruitment in spring: Nov. 31 every year; for recruitment in autumn: May 30 every year. 

    Contact information

    Tel: 0898-65884229

    E-mail: hainan1949@126.com