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    Session Period


    Hainan Normal University offers spring and autumn sessions. Generally, the former lasts from March to July and the latter from September to January of next year. 


    1. Students of non-diploma education: those with some basic of Chinese can apply for admission anytime and will be arranged into a certain class according to his/her performance in a test and an interview. Beginners of Chinese cannot be admitted anytime. 



    Spring session: Application deadline — December 31¬st


    Registration time — February 26th to 28th

    Starting date — March 1st



    Autumn session: Application deadline— June 30th


    Registration time —August 29th to 31st


    Starting date—September 1st


    2. Students of diploma education: registration in autumn


    Application deadline: June 30th


    Registration time: August 29th to 31st

    Starting date of the session: September 1st

    Part Six: Enrollment Procedure


    Enrollment Procedure


    1. Application. The applicant should apply online from our website: http://study.hainnu.edu.cn/


    2. Upload required documents online.


    3. Examination of qualification. Your qualification for any program will be examined online. Once approved, you will receive a letter of admission.


    4. Payment of tuition. After receiving the letter, you shall remit the tuition to the account of the University as stated below.

      Account name: Hainan Normal University

      Bank: Haikou Qiongshan Sub-branch, Hainan Branch, Bank of China

      Account number: 266254215135

      Swift code number: BKCHCNBJ740


    5. Visa application. The University will help you to apply for your visa to China (Form JW202). Once approved, we will send you the original copy.


    6. Visa formalities. You shall finish the visa formalities with the letter of admission, Form JW202, physical examination certificate and passport in the Chinese embassy or Chinese general consulate in your country.


    7. Registration. Please come to the University for registration with the letter of admission, passport and eight passport photos, and pay the accommodation fee and other charges. 


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