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    US-China Policy Foundation Visited HNU Release date:2019-04-22 07:26:00  Information Sources:  Pageviews:

    A Delegation from the US-China Policy Foundation Visited the Biodiversity Science Museum and the Sea Turtle Rescue Station of HNU

    On April 21, a group of 20 members from congressional staff delegation led by the US-China Policy Foundation and Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province (hereinafter referred to as the delegation) visited the Biodiversity Science Museum and the Sea Turtle Rescue Station of Our University. Shi Haitao,Vice President of HNU, Professor Hong Meiling and Associate Professor Lin Liu from College of Life Sciences at HNU, and student volunteers from the rescue station accompanied the tour.


    The delegation firstly visited the Marine Animal Exhibition Hall, the Turtle Exhibition Hall and the Biodiversity Exhibition Hall. Shi Haitao personally introduced the colorful and distinctive collection of specimens to the visitors, and presented his edited book Identification Manual for Traded Turtles in China and other exquisite gifts such as promotional products of the sea turtle rescue station to each delegate.


    Then the delegation came to the turtle rescue station to see the injured and sick turtles. The student volunteers told the delegates in detail the interesting stories, daily rescue work and personal experiences about turtlesand invited the delegation to feed the turtles together and make close contact with the turtles, which leaves a deep impression on each participant.


    This visit of the US-China Policy Foundation is another friendly exchange visit between HNU and Sea Turtles 911 “China-US Green Partnership Program-Saving Sea Turtles in the South China Sea”, which will play a positive role in promoting bilateral cooperation and jointly protecting Chinese turtles.

      US-China Policy Foundation Visited HNU





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